SuperWalk NFT

Why SuperWalk

Superwalk is where you get coins just by walking It is a blockchain-based reward app.

For each shoe, Levels and ratings are divided Performance, durability, fit, Lucky points are awarded differently.

Every shoe has a unique design There is only one pair in the world.

Get Coins with just download and walk
Win the Community Challenge for Bonus Reward
Draw Raffle with your coins From Buff to Limited Sneakers


  • Tim Kim

    Blockchain Strategy

  • Kevin

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Harry hwang

    Server Engineer

  • John Ko

    Blockchain PM

  • Rosie Park

    Product Designer

  • Joon Kim

    Crypto Marketer

  • Wayne Kim

    Community Manager

  • Mason Kang

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Ray Lee

    Front-end Engineer

  • Jude Park

    Front-end Engineer

  • Tom Kim

    Front-end Engineer

  • Ppby Seo

    Front-end Engineer

  • Alec Park

    Server Engineer

  • Chloe Kwon

    Product Designer

  • Sean Jung

    Front-end Engineer

  • Jay Jung

    Server Engineer

  • Jack Park

    Business Development Director

  • Paul Lee

    Business Development

  • Aiden Shin

    Business Development

  • Evan Kang

    Front-end Lead



What is SuperWalk?

SuperWalk is a blockchain reward-based Move-To-Earn service that accumulates coins just by walking. Through rewards, we make exercising more enjoyable in our daily lives

Who is the team that make SuperWalk?

Proground, which develops and operates SuperWalk is a sports tech startup that has been running a running community app for the past nine months. Through the fitness data measurement know-how and cheating filtering technology we have accumulate, we want to focus on SuperWalk. In addition, we will provide new dApp services through online and offline collaboration through cooperation with domestic brand partners. Brand partners and investors will be revealed sequentially, and please support the SuperWalk team, which is growing right now!

Is SuperWalk sustainable?

Sustainable tokenomics comes from stable service traffic generation and predictable cash flow. The appropriate level of compensation and the use and incineration of the Utility Token have been set up in stages. In addition, we plan to operate transparent advertising products through Governance Token and reinvest in token incineration as advertising revenue. Instead of the ‘Provider-takes-all’ structure of traditional advertising model services, we will build a long-term sustainable SuperWalk. through a number of collective intelligence and gair decision-making processes

How can we play SuperWalk?

You can download the SuperWalk app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. There are two modes that you can enjoy. Pro-mode can be played when you own an NFT. Or you can start off with the Basic-mode where you do not need an NFT.